Happy New Year And 1+ Month Sisterlocked!

A new year and a new decade, wow. Wishing you and yours good health, peace, and prosperity.

I’m now 6 weeks into my Sisterlocks journey. I had my first retightening after 4 weeks. It took 6 hours (including the wash). More time than I expected, but I think it has to do with the fact that my hair is so short. The Sisterlocks tool isn’t flexible; so my consultant has to be creative in working it around my head with the shortest sections.

I know other folks love how their hair looks after a retightening, but I’m not loving the scalpy, flat look of my hair.

I just did my second braid, band and wash today. I think my hair is going to be happiest if it gets washed every two weeks. Still nervous about slippage. In fact, I dreamed last night that I worked out really hard and sweat out my Sisterlocks completely. When I woke up, I had to touch my hair just to make sure it was still intact. LOL.

While I was in Savannah, GA visiting family over the holidays, I got my sister-in-law to take one month pics for me.

And here’s the obligatory Christmas tree selfie!

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