Week 3 Musings

Did I mention how easy it is having Sisterlocks? I thought my TWA was low maintenance. I would spritz it with water, use a little product, shape and go. Now I spritz my Sisterlocks with a little oil mixture, run my fingers through them, and go. Seeing that in print doesn’t sound as if there’s much of a difference, but psychologically I feel free. Maybe it’s because I know that I will be able to grow my hair and it will continue to be free and easy. Definitely not the case with loose natural hair for me.

And I feel beautiful. It has been a minute since I’ve felt that way. Between perimenopause and attempting to grow out out my TWA a few different ways and failing, I had lost my joy in my natural hair. Now that joy is back. And it’s layered with peace. Just in time for Christmas!

A few photos from this week.

Ever have days at the office when you just need to get away? This week I took me, myself and I to lunch twice, and it was glorious!
Looks like it’s growing!
Ubiquitous car selfie, but I’ve now figured out why everybody takes them—it’s because you get great light in the car!

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