Week 2 Is a Wrap!

Week 2 has been just as enjoyable as Week 1, although possibly more because the itchiness has largely subsided. One of my favorite things is taking off my silk cap in the morning, running my fingers through my hair, and then—well, that’s it.

Now I will say there’s no guarantee that my hair will do what I ask it to do. Take this past Tuesday for example:

Hilarious. But for the most part, the looks have been more cute than silly, although still somewhat whimsical.

But let me just go ahead and admit, I’m no different than most women with short Sisterlocks. I can’t wait for them to grow! I’m SO curious about how they’ll look when they’re long and all of the fun things I’ll be able to do. I thought I’d have more patience, but I should have known—I’m not patient about anything else.

One more shot for the road. Here I am doing my favorite weekend night thing—absolutely nothing. LOL.

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