Reactions & Week #1 of Sisterlocks

In some ways this first week of Sisterlocks has been surreal. I wake up in the morning, take off my silk cap, and look at my hair in the mirror. There are these coils and curls and twists. I just run my fingers through my hair, and it’s ready to go. It doesn’t do exactly what I want them to do; the locks definitely have minds of their own. It makes me a little anxious, but I’m also amused and amazed by them.

How have folks been reacting? My colleagues at work love them. (I work for an education nonprofit with a diverse staff.) On my Thanksgiving flight, a flight attendant (white woman) said she loved them. My six-year-old nephew says I look like a zombie, and the locks feel like alligators. LOL. Most surprisingly, my mom loves them. I didn’t tell her I was getting Sisterlocks because I didn’t think she’d approve and I wanted to enjoy the process. I was going to wait and spring them on her in December when I visit my parents for Christmas (they live in GA, and I’m in WA state), but she noticed them when my family was on the Houseparty app to help my younger brother celebrate his birthday.

While I’m loving my hair, I’m also feeling self conscious and slightly paranoid. Are people, especially white folks, making assumptions about me because of my hair? My guess is—probably not; they’re probably just curious about what they are.

So week 1 is a wrap! Definitely some itchiness, but I’ve managed it with a sample of the Ooh! Dry Itchy Scalp Relief from the Video Locktician. I also purchased her HealthyLocks Daily Combo Set (3-in-1 Daily Conditioning Mist and Loc Luv Conditioning Oil). I highly recommend Phyllis’ products because you can use them from Day 1 of your Sisterlocks journey.

Can’t wait to see what insights Week 2 brings! Here are some pix.

2 thoughts on “Reactions & Week #1 of Sisterlocks

  1. Your hair is so beautiful – they grow so quickly. Really enjoying reading the blog , at a first glance you look similar to another sisterlock sista! Andieslocks – Happy New Year to you too.


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