I’m Sisterlocked!

22 hours and 520 locks later, it’s official; I’m Sisterlocked!

That was some kind of rite of passage. 22 hours in a chair (10.5 hours the first day and 11.5 hours the second day) with someone working on your head is quite an experience. It cannot be done without patience—and a good cushion under your butt!

Everyone’s experience is different, but the actual locking process for me alternated between soothing to uncomfortable to downright painful, depending upon which part of my head we were working on.

But I’m so thankful for my consultant, Carol Cobb, who is a machine! She is meticulous, detail-oriented and a perfectionist, which is what you want with something this precise. I also enjoyed her company, which is critical.

Here are some photos from last night once we finished up.

I’ll probably spend the day looking in the mirror. LOL.

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