I have test locks! 12 to be exact. This is SO exciting.

My consultation went well. I had a gazillion questions, and my consultant patiently answered them all. Plus another recently Sisterlocked client came in for her retightening while I was there; so I got to see her beautiful one-month-old locks.

Here’s what I learned about my hair:

  • Because of my hair texture, my locks may unravel easily at first. She did one test lock and then took it out to see how easy it would be to undo it. Apparently it was very easy. She’s recommending that once my Sisterlocks are installed, I braid or twist my hair at night, or at least put bands around sections to keep the locks from coming loose.
  • My hair is high density. There’s a lot per square inch. I was hoping it was high density, as I’m not fond of the “plucked chicken” look (large spaces between the locks) I’ve seen on some women with brand new Sisterlocks on YouTube.
  • My hair is 4 inches on the top of my head and 5 inches in the back. She didn’t measure the super short hair near my ears and at the nape of my neck, but it’s probably no more than 2 inches. (She told me you need at least 1.5 inches to get Sisterlocks.)
  • She recommends medium and large locks because I’d end up having to combine smaller locks down the road to prevent breakage.
  • Even if my hair is identical to someone else’s in texture, density, etc., my locks may not look like theirs. My consultant said that everyone’s journey is their own.

Still like my consultant a lot too. Yay! Alright, enough blather. You probably want to see my test locks. Drumroll please…

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