Consultation Prep

My consultation is tomorrow! My consultant asked me to wash my hair (shampoo only) and put it into plaits or twists. I guess that’s so she’ll be able to see the length easily because my hair is super curly and the shrinkage is real.

Thought you might like to see what my combed ’fro looks like before shrinkage sets in.

Freshly washed and combed ’fro

And here are my plaits (and twists for the shorter sections)!

Man, did my arms get tired braiding all that hair!

I’m not walking around outside like this; so I ordered a few different options from Amazon to cover my hair up, thinking I may need similar coverage during the establishment if she’s not able to get it all done in a day. I bought a silk scarf, a beanie hat, and a turban head wrap scarf. I wasn’t impressed with any of the options when I looked in the mirror (the beanie hat is a definite no), but I need something; so the scarf it is. Or now that I’ve seen the photos, maybe I should go with the turban, which to my surprise looks kinda cute…

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