My First Sisterlocks Sighting!

Is it weird I decided I wanted Sisterlocks before I actually saw anyone with Sisterlocks in person? I’d only seen photos and videos. Once I met my consultant, I got to see hers and her daughter’s. But I was still super excited when a woman with Sisterlocks walked into my organization’s office on Friday. I quickly introduced myself and said, “I want to talk to you about your hair.” She joined me in my office and graciously let me bombard her with questions. She had her locks installed 10 years ago and recently cut them into a salt & pepper bob. So lovely!

I did wonder if once I decided about Sisterlocks I’d start seeing them everywhere. I hope so!

And it’s FINALLY November. I have my consultation next Sunday, and my establishment will be 2 weeks after that.

In the meantime, I was playing around with hair paint wax this weekend courtesy of a friend/colleague. Purple!

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