How Goldilocks—I Mean I—Found My Consultant

You can find certified consultants and qualified trainees on the Sisterlocks website here. I live in Seattle, WA and currently there are only 3 certified consultants here, but there are a fair number of trainees.

But nobody here has a social media presence that I could find. One consultant had a few shots on her Facebook page. But that was it. Very frustrating.

I contacted the three consultants. One would only engage in cryptic, abrupt email communications with me. The second called me, but she started our conversation by rattling off a list of the various conditions I would need to meet in order for her to do my establishment (my hair needed to be a certain number of inches, she only did medium and large size locks, she only did Sisterlocks every other weekend because she had a full time job). All good data, but it would have been nice if she had taken a little time to get to know me. Feeling very Goldilocks at this point—this one was too this, this one was too that—I was starting to get anxious.

The third consultant, Carol Cobb, called me, and we had a lovely chat. She invited me to come by her studio to meet her. The day I visited she was actually doing a retightening on her adult daughter’s hair. I chatted with both of them, and the consultant encouraged me to ask questions. She showed me Sisterlocks materials and lots of photos of her work. I got to see her working on her daughter’s hair, and I got to ask her daughter questions. I also liked the fact that this consultant has been a cosmetologist for a number of years (although that’s not necessary). I felt comfortable. Or as Goldilocks would say, “It was just right!”

I want someone I feel comfortable with because we’re going to be spending a LOT of time together. I moved here from Atlanta, GA, the home of hair stylist divas, and that is not an experience I want to recreate. Especially when the establishment (when you get your hair Sisterlocked) could take anywhere from one day to three days (or more). Getting your hair retightened (the maintenance you do on Sisterlocks every 4-6 weeks) also takes at least a few hours.

I also liked the fact that when I asked my consultant about whether I should have another consultant/trainee as back-up, she thought that sounded like a good idea and said she knew of a couple folks.

My consultation on November 10 will be another opportunity to assess how we work together. Fingers crossed it goes well! And how come it’s taking November forever to get here?! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

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